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The integrity of Edifice Builders towards quality and value brings a lot more practical fragrance to the relationship. All the best!

– Patrick Shah Regis, U.A.E.

I think Edifice Builders stands out in being a “Customer First” organization. They made everything work for me being flexible on many aspects and ensuring the home is built to my parameters. Almond Tree property with its quality, design, finish is absolutely fantastic and Edifice is extremely helpful and customer friendly. I would recommend Edifice to anyone who wishes to do business with a trustworthy partner.

– Solomon Vijayanand, U.A.E.

Edifice arranged for myself and my family to visit their site in Bangalore, where Nikhil personally took the time to show us around and explain to us every detail of the property. Their approach was very convincing. Edifice has delivered their responsibilities in a very professional manner.

– P S Murthy, U.A.E.

Edifice has been an excellent partner all through these years and has provided excellent opportunities/advice in the real estate sector. To top it all, Edifice has an excellent team who share his vison and help him deliver what he promises at the onset of any project. I own a flat in their Grand Edifice project and had done this deal while I was in US and was told about the project through a common friend. Despite being in US I was updated monthly on the progress. What stands out about Edifice Builders is their integrity. They deliver what they promise and I know the team will go out of their way, if they have to, to deliver what they promise. I would highly recommend Edifice Builders if you are looking to build a ‘home’ in Bangalore.

– Pawan Singh, India

Mr. Nikhil is an ideator, a dynamic personality, a good negotiator, and a thorough professional, somebody you can look forward to in terms of a store house of knowledge. His best attribute is his quench to learn things himself. He is multi-tasking which he has to be being the MD of the company and knows the intricacies of a professional working environment in and out. He would have brilliant things to offer every time you connect with him. His technical expertise and strong interpersonal skills make him an amazing personality to be with. He cares for people around him and not to mention, he is wonderful at his people skills. All the very best!!!

– Saurabh khandelwal, India

We have been working closely with Edifice Builders for over 3 years now. Edifice Builders is one of the very few developers who believe in complete transparency and an ethical code of conduct with projects being delivered within stipulated time frames. Edifice projects are extremely well detailed keeping in mind even the small needs of the end user, ensuring happy communities in their projects. I wish them all the best and look forward to continuing to partner Edifice in their growth.

– Dinesh Kumar, Mumbai

Edifice has been very thorough and has a given a personal touch in their approach. They have been very prompt in responding to queries and have developed projects of unique features in a competitive market at reasonable price. Would highly recommend for anyone based on their present performance. The team has also been very courteous and knowledgeable, prompt and responsive.

– Patthamadai Ramesh, U.A.E.

I had not given my apartment for rent for quite sometime. Edifice found me a good tenant and I gave my apartment on rent. As a satisfied customer, I would highly recommend Edifice Builders.

– Chetan, Bangalore

Last week I closed a deal with Nikhil and his company for buying an apartment in Grand Edifice. At the outset I would say that it was done to my complete satisfaction. I got a ready to occupy flat at an appropriate price with minimum fuss in a very good upcoming location. I flew from Doha to Bangalore for this deal with having only couple of days. Nikhil and his team namely Atul Sharma and Swetha Mylar had done all the paper work for the deal and we spent very little time in closing it. I am also thankful to Nikhil for allowing the registration to be completed even before realization of the payment of the flat which is noteworthy. He also took pain in helping me in getting the Khata Transfer done although I could not do it because of Govt Regulations but I appreciate the willingness from his side to help me. I would highly recommend Nikhil and his Company for any real estate related deals. And I look forward to having more deals in future with him.

– Sanjay Barnwal, Doha

It was indeed very nice to work with you for our interiors. You have been a great advisor and carry a lot of patience. We will surely reach you with the feedback/experience about the work….. All the best and thanks for all your hard work ?

– Hemant & Divya, Germany

It was indeed very nice to work with Edifice for our interiors. All the best and thanks for all your hard work.

– Neena & Abhishek, United States

Let me begin by thanking you for doing such a wonderful job with the interiors! When we started, I was wondering if the designs and thoughts we had about our requirements could be put into shapes and designs but you indeed helped in transforming it into reality. We appreciate you perseverance, eye for details and the level of professionalism you brought into getting the task completed. And all the admirations we received for the wonderful interiors goes to you. Wishing you the best for your future.

– Anuroopa, India