Nickname: Deal Maker

Chief Enabler

Nikhil is friendly in nature, helping and available for his team and stakeholders. He plays golf in his free time and keeps up with online marketing, web technologies, etc. to provide the best services to an ever widening customer base. A spiritual person who believes in the power of meditation, one can always find him in the office way before timings.

Interests: Deal Making, Books, Travel


Nickname: Deal Breaker

Communication Strategist

Interests: Travel, Writing, Art


Nickname: The Go Getter

Head of Purchase & Finance

Atul is one of the most honest and dedicated employees, fondly referred to as the ‘hero’. He emulates the values of the company in his efficient work. Outside of office, he is an avid cricketer and quite the master at ‘Teenpatti’. A lot of times, one can catch him sitting in the office late into the night.

Interests: Socializing, Cards, Deal Making


Nickname: Uncle Pennybags

Senior Accountant

A dedicated, honest and hardworking employee, Joshy is very clear about the work and its flow. A task assigned to him never needs to be followed up by anybody. His overview on the finances ensures smooth flow of operations, and the intricate logistics of the organization. One can see Joshy abreast with all the news and the share market movements.

Interests: Farming, Cooking, Family


Nickname: Sweet Talker

Senior Sales Consultant

Hardworking, knows her responsibilities & eager to learn new things. As a result of her eagerness, she got involved into sales.

Interests: Music, Dance, Books


Nickname: Mr. Nice Guy

Senior Community Manager

Interests: Books, Driving, Trekking


Nickname: Chocolate Thief

Senior Graphic Designer & Photographer

A young professional with creativity, self-innovation and a continuing passion to learn more. A responsible and effective team player able to handle multiple projects and meet tight deadlines.

Interests: Photography, Design, Food


Nickname: The Coder

Senior Web Developer

Fathima is one heck of a wonder girl – the go getter of the team. Once a work has been assigned to her, she makes sure it’s done within the stipulated time. Though great with html, and Java, her work is not limited to just working on this. She has  experience in working with php, etc. On her free time she tries to connect to her friends and trouble them a lot. And as a person she is the motivator one can ever find

Interests: Food, Music, Social Media


Nickname: Blossom (Power Puff Girls)

Sales Coordinator

Interests: Dance, Social Media, Travel


Nickname: Miss Fluid

Factotum – LaheLahe

Interests: Art, Poetry, Theatre


Nickname: The French Connection

Factotum – LaheLahe

Interests: Travel, Art, Photography


Nickname: The Negotiator

Sales & Marketing

Energetic , Futuristic always with a thrust for challenges. 100% Feet on Street Character.

Interests: Pitching, Social Media, Animals


Nickname: The Multi-Tasker

Office Assistance

Interests: Music, Food, Film